Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Back!!!!

This is Riker's first after-surgery picture...

and look at him now!

You can see a scar line from his surgery but he is good as new!

It was alot of work, since for the first month he wasn't aloud to run, jump, or play. How do you keep a puppy from playing??? It wasn't easy let me tell you, but he is a great puppy.
He is about 40-50lbs now and eats as much as his 130lb mom!
I'm going to have to adjust the food budget, alot!

Its good to be back, there are a ton of good giveaways out there
so start searching now!

I used Twitter and Google to search for any specific giveaway to enter.
Just be sure to include
Name of item
Date - for example: Sept 2011
and the words "blog giveaway"

Twitter is easier just search the name and include the word "giveaway"

Have a great day!