Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What can $203.00 get you at a kids consignment sale?

I am here to tell you that nice clothes don't come in handy...
When you have an active 3 year old boy.

Paying full priced for a pair of pjs to sleep in makes me GASP!
$10 or $20 here and there really is expensive.
I think "well I'll save it for the next baby"
uh No, my son's clothing does not last that long.

Well I have a few things saved but not much, certainly not in NEW condition.
Anyways, I'm telling you this because consignment sales excite me!
Its like extreme coupon shopping without the coupons!
Yes, the clothes are used BUT you can find barely worn clothes for $2-5bucks!
I bought Nowee a shirt with the tags still on it!

*this was from my first trip, I bought lots more!!*

So, here is my grand total for this Spring
$203.00 was my total.

15 shirts
8 shorts
2 pj sets
1 pair of jeans
3 pairs of shoes
1 bag full of dinosaurs
1 clifford playhouse
1 lap table
2 foam floor puzzles
5 foam floor play mats
1 train table ($30!)
1 puppet house (its huge! $10)
1 Neat and Tidy Step2 Cottage ($40)

Yep thats 42 items for $203 buckaroos

I estimated the total to be over $700 worth.
I'm only bragging alittle :) but seriously I want everyone to take up this great opportunity to save!
Its not about being rich or poor, its about being logical!
It didn't seem logical to pay $20 for a pj set for my son to sleep in!

Plus, it helps me keep the clothes and toys under control.
How? well I'm glad you asked! lol
I consign with the churches every sale season,
so every 6 months I'm forced to declutter and get rid of toys and clothes Nowee doesn't use.
If only they had home consignment sales every 6 months!
I'd be clutter free!
I went to three consignment sales.
Also I volunteered at one so I could get into the volunteer preview sale
so I could snag that train table and playhouse!
I use Consignment Mommies to locate the sales!

Nope, I wasn't paid to endorse Consignment Mommies, I just wanted to share my secret knowledge with ya!

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Power of Play by Mattel

My constant worry is that my son is watching too many movies, and not getting outside enough.
I'm constantly monitoring movie time, its a never ending battle with my 3 year old. He has toys, so many toys that every six months I donate and sell alot of them. My son even knows how to work his daddy's tablet better than me!
We are blessed to be able to provide him with everything he needs and wants. I'm proud to write about Mattel's Power of Play Program because it focus' on those in desperate need of financial support and yes toys too!
Mattel is actively helping the children in the world who are in grave poverty. They give 2% pre-tax donation every year, doesn't sound like much but how about last year that 2% totaled over $20 million dollars! Last year Mattel helped 5 million children in over 50 different countries.
In addition to, the Power of Play Program encourages play with others to be a learning social experience. Playing builds character, and imagination. I can't imagine a better way to teach a child about life, sharing, and kindness. The Power of Play Program wants every child to be able to experience the power of play.

About Mattel's Power of Play Program:
Mattel is creating the future of play! Mattel believes in the power of play as positive play increases imagination, development and joy and has developed the Power to Play program. Nowhere is that more evident than in their global philanthropic efforts. Manufacturing safe and innovative toys is their purpose, and their philanthropic efforts allow them to make a positive social impact on children across the globe. They endeavor to help all children around the world to experience play - including bringing moments of joy to some of the one billion children who are considered in need.

Mattel's Philanthropic Values
Mattel intends to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children in need around the world through our interactions - how we "play" - with our communities, our partners, and our volunteers.
  • Play with Passion: By making a meaningful and lasting impact on children globally.
  • Play Together: By forming deep partnerships to enrich the communities in which we work and play, and engaging Mattel employees in our efforts.
  • Play Fair: By acting with unwavering integrity in all aspects of our work.
  • Play to Grow: By striving to make long term differences in the lives of children in need and seeking continuous improvement.

Also they have a free Play Tip Coloring Sheet available for download!
I received compensation for this review through a promotional program from MomSelect.
All of my opinions are my own and 100% honest. Thank you MomSelect and Mattel for this review opportunity.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Great Deal on Amazon!! Fisher-Price iXL HALF PRICE!

If your looking for a great learning toy here ya go!
Click here to get the Fisher Price iXL for $41.79!

Thank you Raining Hot Coupons for sharing this great deal!