Thursday, November 17, 2011

My 2nd job!

I have a 2nd job!
I count my 1st job as being a mother, wife, housekeeper, chef, dog sitter, fish feeder, and the list goes on...

Anywho, I have a seasonal job at Victorias Secret!
Tomorrow I get my first paycheck in 3years!
My first job pays in hugs, kisses, and the occasional loss of sanity.

Although next week is black friday so I'm sure I'll lose my sanity at my 2nd job too.

Will the Christmas bells ringing in my ear, I have to say
is to be debt free.
boring, I know but this debt is holding us back,
and I'm tired of feeling the anchor at my feet.

I'm so excited, I feel useful!
I feel like we will finally be able to make a dent into our snowball!

I'm proud of this blog, its finally reached 100 followers!
I'll be starting to really work on this blog for the new years.
I want to start doing giveaways because I know how it feels to get something for free, and its the free things that really can be a great blessing.

I ran today for a very short time, then did my treadmill incline training. During the run all I could think about was this picture.
I love see a little humor in my attempt to tame my FLABulous figure.

Ok I'm finished rambling...
Thanks for reading!

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