Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee and Peekaboo

This morning...
I woke up late, as usual.
My husband runs out the door.
and my day begins...
I get baby up, change his diaper.
I finally get to fix my coffee.
Oh sweet coffee, I love the warmth and energy it brings to my being.
I leave the living room.
Coffee is on the ottoman, baby is on the couch.
"Ut ooo, Towel, towel!" says baby
My son tried to bring the coffee into the room.
Well, the coffee made it into the room, on the floor.
I clean it up and baby helps.
Then I sit on the couch with my hands over my face.
I look up and see baby with his hands over his face.
He's smiling and says "boo"

Now thats how every beginning can be a happy one.

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