Thursday, April 28, 2011

PUPPIES, Drifting, PIE, and ETSY Royal Wedding style!

Sorry I haven't been posting alot lately.
We have been preparing for puppies this week.

selling our car
getting our home loan reduced!

Busy busy busy!

PRAISE GOD we got our loan reduced!
Seriously I leaped for joy on that one!

So let me catch you up

Tuesday: Something about me and Food
Me: I LOVE Drifting,
I really really want to go to the formula D race in Atlanta next weekend.
Maybe next year :(

For all those who are reading this and
scratching your head.
Drifting is a sport with cars, with multiple turns on the track.
You get scored on how well you take turns.
Yeah I know weird of me, but we all have our hobbies :)

Food: um...well I've never eaten PIE

Wednesday: Etsy
Royal Wedding!

The Royal Couple Switch Plate Cover

I know I'm weird, drift lovin, pie hatin
Its just unAmerican!

Happy Thursday!

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