Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sick = YUCK! + Puppies to Elephants

My dearest readers,
I'm writing today with a box of kleenex by myside.

I love my neighbor, she came over to take a walk with me and noticed my snotty
nose and said How bout I do your dishes?
I could have cried, tears of joy

I love good neighbors

More posts to come cause I'm getting better!

One more thing before you go,
in one month
I will be posting
My Great Dane, Saphira
is expecting her 2nd litter in May!

My question for God is
Why do dogs get only 9weeks of pregnancy?
We get 9months!

Of course it could be worse, at least we aren't elephants
22 months toting that heffalump around!

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  1. Also, thankfully we don't typically have half a dozen at a time like dogs do :)