Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Christmas Eve Story (tissues required) Part 1

Oh what a night!

Let me give you a timeline first
Friday 12/23: I worked until midnight
Saturday Morning 12/24: I had to be at work at 8am
Saturday Evening 12/24: At the hospital til 4am

Yeah, let me tell you it has taken me 2-3 weeks
before I could tell this story in details without tearing up.

Saturday evening, we were putting Noah to bed when I noticed he felt hot.
He acted fine all day, didn't think he was sick until I touched his forehead.
So I let him sleep with us, gave him some medicine, and took his temperature about 20times.
The thermometer was giving different readings from 100 to 102.
(never rely on tempera l thermometers)
11pm he still wasn't asleep, we were exhausted but Noah couldn't go to sleep.
Finally, I brushed his hair with my fingers and he started to fall asleep.

Then his back touched my hand. It was burning up!
I started taking off his socks and pants.
Then he started having a seizure!

My baby, my son.

Immediately my husband jumped into action, holding Noah on his side.
Letting Noah bite his fingers so that he could hold his tongue down.
I cried, I fell apart, I could barely speak to the 911 operator.
I'm crying now just from describing this scene.

The fire truck arrived seconds before the ambulance.
The seizure was only a minute, it felt like my entire life wrapped up into one moment, and it was, he is my entire life.

They strapped him into the ambulance, I held his hand the whole way and we cried together.
We stayed at the hospital until 4am.
His fever was 104
He is fine now, some children can have a seizure with high fevers.
It doesn't cause brain damage but you should still seek medical help regardless.

Christmas day, I woke up at 11am to my son and husband dancing to the Nutcracker on PBS. I cried again, we tried to act normal throughout the day.
Noah acted tired but normal. We were in a daze though, I hardly remember anything. We starred at Noah as if he were glass, breakable. Like when he was a newborn. I couldn't look anyone in the eyes, I know I would have fallen apart.
Throughout the week, I randomly cried, at work I could barely talk to customers.
If a child walked in, I would tear up.
It was a Christmas I will never forget.

I'm a mom, I do everything to prevent Noah from getting hurt, and that night I was helpless.
I was human, I realized I had no super powers. I could only wait for the seizure to stop.

Part 2 is about what happen during the hospital visit, and what I learned from it.


  1. Katy this made me cry. I know how that feels. when jayden was born and he was so sick that he had to be transfered to Baptist hospital,to the NICU. Im sure u remember that. It was the worst part of my life,by far. So I guess when I was reading ur story that it braght back so many memories and fears. Im so sorry u and Noah and Jay had to go threw this terrible experience. Thank God he is ok. I love u so much!

  2. Aww Katy! I cried too!! I'm so glad he's OK now and praise the Lord for this! I love you!! Hugs for Noah!