Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ombre Hair

Just a thought.
Ombre hair is the most popular thing for celebs these days.
I'm pretty sure some celebrity saw a woman walk into the salon
(a woman who has NOT had her highlights redone in a year), and said "THATS HOTT!"

thus making ombre hair popular

but all us poor folks know its just you couldn't get your hightlights redone until you paid off some bills.

Still I really like ombre hair. I'm just saying there is a story to it :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Christmas Eve Story (tissues required) Part 2

Part Two:

The Hospital.
Note: this may be a little to much details but I need to tell the story about how God was there for me in so many ways this Christmas.

Have you ever been to a pediatric emergency department as a mom.
Its heart wrenching. Children crying and screaming.
The nurses and doctors are hard and emotionless.
Which I guess they have to be to work there.

I laid with Noah on the bed.
He hardly let me be more than an inch away from him.
Or maybe it was the other way around.

They took his temperature(the awful way), he cried in my arms.
They gave him medicine to reduce his fever.
Then they wanted to put a catheter in. He's 2 years old!
They wanted to check for infection in his bladder, and since a 2 year old doesn't understand "go pee in a cup"
catheter it is.
They started the procedure.
Noah screams "Mommy, Mommy Mommy"
I had to stand there and watch.
It was the worst feeling anyone could have felt.
My child screaming out in pain and terror, for me to save him.

I've been through a car accident with 28 stitches in my knee, and child birth.
No pain in the world compares to my child calling my name in agony.

He was too strong for the nurse aide to hold him down.
They had failed, they started to try again when...
He peed
He peed on the nurse, she grabbed a cup and caught it.
I was so happy to have my son pee on someone.
I couldn't have handled it twice.

After that we went to get an Xray of his lungs.
To see if he had pneumonia.
My baby, my sweet baby, told everyone there "Merry Christmas!"
My little boy who was sick, was bringing joy to other people.
Like Christ
I know the story of Christ by heart, but becoming a mother has given me revelation, after revelation of the depth of its meaning.

I realized something that Sunday, I hadn't grasp the depth of God's sacrifice.
Sometimes I think we celebrate Christ sacrifice more than God's.

Christ said "Father why have you forsaken me"
Could you imagine God's face, God's pain that He felt when His Son cried out for Him?

Christ cried out, just as my son cried out for me.
I had to watch, and the pain of doing nothing killed me.
I wanted to swoop in and saved the day, but I knew this had to be done for the safety of my child.
Nothing can describe it, the feeling is overwhelming.
Christ cried out in pure pain, wanting only one thing, His Father.
God had to withstand an ultimate sacrifice, for us.

God sacrificed HIS ONLY SON
He felt the pain, the agony, while watching His Son die.
So that we might live.

God sacrificed His whole world, His love, His joy, His Son.
God felt more pain than Christ did that day.

That's what I learned this Christmas.

My Christmas Eve Story (tissues required) Part 1

Oh what a night!

Let me give you a timeline first
Friday 12/23: I worked until midnight
Saturday Morning 12/24: I had to be at work at 8am
Saturday Evening 12/24: At the hospital til 4am

Yeah, let me tell you it has taken me 2-3 weeks
before I could tell this story in details without tearing up.

Saturday evening, we were putting Noah to bed when I noticed he felt hot.
He acted fine all day, didn't think he was sick until I touched his forehead.
So I let him sleep with us, gave him some medicine, and took his temperature about 20times.
The thermometer was giving different readings from 100 to 102.
(never rely on tempera l thermometers)
11pm he still wasn't asleep, we were exhausted but Noah couldn't go to sleep.
Finally, I brushed his hair with my fingers and he started to fall asleep.

Then his back touched my hand. It was burning up!
I started taking off his socks and pants.
Then he started having a seizure!

My baby, my son.

Immediately my husband jumped into action, holding Noah on his side.
Letting Noah bite his fingers so that he could hold his tongue down.
I cried, I fell apart, I could barely speak to the 911 operator.
I'm crying now just from describing this scene.

The fire truck arrived seconds before the ambulance.
The seizure was only a minute, it felt like my entire life wrapped up into one moment, and it was, he is my entire life.

They strapped him into the ambulance, I held his hand the whole way and we cried together.
We stayed at the hospital until 4am.
His fever was 104
He is fine now, some children can have a seizure with high fevers.
It doesn't cause brain damage but you should still seek medical help regardless.

Christmas day, I woke up at 11am to my son and husband dancing to the Nutcracker on PBS. I cried again, we tried to act normal throughout the day.
Noah acted tired but normal. We were in a daze though, I hardly remember anything. We starred at Noah as if he were glass, breakable. Like when he was a newborn. I couldn't look anyone in the eyes, I know I would have fallen apart.
Throughout the week, I randomly cried, at work I could barely talk to customers.
If a child walked in, I would tear up.
It was a Christmas I will never forget.

I'm a mom, I do everything to prevent Noah from getting hurt, and that night I was helpless.
I was human, I realized I had no super powers. I could only wait for the seizure to stop.

Part 2 is about what happen during the hospital visit, and what I learned from it.