Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Giani Granite Review and our kitchen transformation!

Giani Granite Countertop Paint Review

Oh my goodness this kitchen was a piece of hard work...
Of course when we first bought this house, we hit the ground running.

We ripped all the wallpaper off first, then sanded and painted the cabinets.
Bought all new appliances (found in the clearance/returned items section in Lowes)
Then we painted the walls tealish blue. See where that wall paper border is, we painted from there down a dark brown :)

Then the slow down came, a baby was born
I say slow down but really its a race now, but it was a slow down on home improvements
2plus years later we still need a vent over our oven.
Worst of all the countertops needed an update or replacement.
They had scratches and stains all over!
but thanks to Giani
a miracle happened!
We now have brand new gorgeous countertops!

well everyone thinks they are new but they are the same countertops.
How can this be?

Look at that before and after picture! Wow!
I must say that Giani Granite is the best thing you can do to your kitchen!

The kit covered my entire kitchen plus there was extra!

The kit comes with everything even a roller!
Now you might have to buy caulk to replace the old caulk.
I didn't have to, all I needed was painters tape

You can purchase this kit for only $69.95!!
Seriously you save hundreds even thousands of dollars by using this kit
instead of buying a new countertop

Read the reviews on Giani Granites website
Check out their Facebook page, they have many real before and after photos like mine

They even have step by step how to videos, plus detailed instructions with your kit
which they also include a cd to watch too!

I love this product! I recieved numerous compliments on my "new" countertops.
My Aunt wants me to come do her countertops next!

*I was not compensated for this review. This is my honest opinion.
Giani Granite generously gave me a kit for review and I'm so thankful they did!*

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